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Located in the middle of a tropical paradise, in a valley surrounded by hills, is the Eco Lodge Salve Floresta. Founded in 1994, as a non-profit initiative, the project protects the Rainforest and promotes environmental education.

Ecolodge is located in an area of ​​approximately 6,000 hectares belonging to Fazenda Sao José where the same family Eduardo Monteiro da Silva has been fighting for their protection without any financial help from the public authorities. For the better organization of this work, the Institute Amantiflore was created in order to increase the investments in reforestation.

“It is not a natural park, but a way to enjoy nature in its natural habitat” – this is the motto of the Eco Lodge Salve Floresta (Save the Rainforest Eco Lodge). Believing that an orderly ecotourism can only contribute economically to the preservation of the nature, the Eco Lodge Salve Floresta aims at a balanced tourism activity that can raise the awareness of the environmental protection among guests and visitors.

In this unique facility, carefully integrated with the environment, guests from all over the world can experience the impressive power of nature. The Eco Lodge Salve Floresta consists of a main building with a restaurant and a welcoming terrace and veranda among tropical plants. Cozy wooden bungalows, a large swimming pool, a sauna, a table tennis and billiard tables are available for the guests to enjoy after the hikes. From the lookout tower, guests can experience spectacular views of the forest and hills. Combine relaxation and recreation with an improvement of your ecological knowledge!

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Our planet has only limited resources. Despite being a well-known fact for decades, recent climate change disasters have brought the problem to the world’s attention. Our efforts must be urgently focused on preserving the Earth’s ecosystem.


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