Birdwatching requires a quiet, gentle and patient behavior. Such guests are always welcome at Salve Floresta.

Dr. Antonio Carlos Soares Pinto
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In the early morning, Saracuras (Aramides saracura) wake the visitors with their characteristic song. During the day, toucans ( (Ramphastos Vitellinus) land on the trees to eat its fruits, even rare birds such as Maria-Leque (Onychorhynchus swainsoni) have already been watched in the house tropical garden.

The interest in bird watching has increased significantly in recent years. For many people this activity has become a hobby and bird watchers are important for the protection of the environment as they look for birds in an untouched environment and stand up for it.

  • Birdwatching tower
  • Tucan in the Atlantic rainforest
  • Birdwatching tower
  • Photographer
  • Hummingbird

In recent years Eco Lodge Salve Floresta has been visited by many professional ornithologists from Brazil and abroad. In the southern Brazil about 1825 different bird species have been identified and cataloged. In the Salve Floresta region, 104 birds have been seen, photographed and recorded in Wikiaves. Birdwatching requires quiet, gentle and patient behavior, such guests are always welcome at Salve Floresta.

The most successful ornithologist in the world was the American Phoebe Snetsinger (1931-1999) who observed 8400 live bird species and received an entry in the Guinness Book. In 2017, the American Jonathan Hornbuckle (1943-2018) broke this record by watching some 9,600 species of birds.