Creative and affective cuisine in one of the most biodiverse natural spaces on the planet. We co-create with nature!

by Laurin Soares & Thamys Trindade
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As Mia Couto would say: “Cooking is a way of loving others”. The kitchen is the heart of Salve Floresta and the ingredients are the ones that dictate the beat. Whenever possible, we choose seasonal fruits and vegetables, respecting the natural cycle of what nature offers us. Homemade and creative recipes sharpen guests’ palates and transform food into an affective memory of the forest.

Organic agriculture is an agricultural practice that has come to counter all the inconsequences of the exaggerations of conventional culture. Here in Salve, in addition to the banana plantation, we cultivate an organic garden and the land is not only the support on which the plant will grow. Thus, all the elements present in the soil are very important for the growth of a healthy ecosystem. We take care of our vegetable garden with natural fertilizers, organic compost from compost and organic matter from nature itself, such as leftovers from pruning and banana plantations. And with all this care and care comes abundance: lettuce, cabbage, chicory, broccoli, cabbage, arugula, almond, pumpkin, pineapple, tomato, jiló, pepper, chives, parsley, mint and basil are some foods that we harvest to incorporate into salads and recipes from our buffet.

In addition to the traditional options, we also like to experiment in the kitchen and use PANCs (Non Conventional Food Plants) in the preparation of hot and cold foods. PANCs develop spontaneously and are not consumed on a large scale simply because of lack of habit or knowledge. In addition to the famous breaded “peixinho da horta”, we also use hams, capuchin, basil flower, malvavisco, taioba, hibiscus, edible flowers, the heart and the banana heart in the recipes. Here nothing is lost. Everything changes!

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Our kitchen is full of roots – and not just tubers. The staff that make up the kitchen are mostly native to the region and the Cabocla Ribeirão da Anta Community. Each carries a story and an original seasoning stamped on the buffet dishes. A handful of recipes passed down the generations, a dash of intuition in combining flavors and colors and a bit of tradition who was born in the heart ofAtlantictheForest.

At Salve we work with full board: breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner. Before the trails, we prepare a nutritious breakfast to ensure the vigor for the hikes kills the inside. And on the way back, lunch is ready to recover your energy. Then just relax by the pool and pay attention to the afternoon coffee bell. When you start hitting that fominha it’s dinner time. To accompany meals, in addition to natural juices, we have the famous lemon clove and lemongrass caipirinha.