A target of Salve Floresta is afforestation and restoration of cleared forest areas.

Dr. Antonio Carlos Soares Pinto
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One of the targets of Salve Floresta is the restoration of an area which was cleared in 1980 by residential developers. The land remained cleared for many years, dried and eroded by sun exposure and rain. Thousands of native tree seeds of various species have been purchased. The soil has been prepared with a mixture of composting, lime and phosphate and trees were then planted.

Many members of the Rainforest Academy have also joined the project by taking over the planting of the small tropical trees with great enthusiasm.

  • Reforestation with a German journalist
  • View of the eco-lodge salve floresta
  • View of the eco-lodge salve floresta
  • Reforestation with a German journalist
  • Growing seeds
  • Reforestation with a German journalist

The following steps should be considered in the future:

• Mapping cleared areas
• An inventory of the animals of the region and tracking their movements
• Identifying migration corridors which have been destroyed
• Planning reforestation of migration corridors
• Collecting seeds from the remaining native forest and purchasing of samples
• Organizing students and volunteers willing to work in the project

Currently a plan detailing activities, costs and implementation process is being prepared.