Join us for an exotic and captivating adventure, kayaking through a stretch of the Mata Atlantica Rainforest to see one of our beautiful waterfalls.

by Laurin Soares & Micayla Dennis
7 min read

From a calm afternoon drift along the small tranquil lake found steps away from our Bungalows, to exhilarating adventures kayaking along a lengthy stretch of a lake known to locals as “Represa Alecrim”, enjoy a unique experience in viewing stunning stretches of untouched Rainforest. Whether you are an experienced and passionate kayaker, or a total beginner just searching for an action-packed adventure, it’s here at Salve Floresta where you’ll discover a water-based guided trip that will leave you speechless!

The history of Represa Alecrim:

The lake known to locals as “Represa Alecrim” runs through a National Park a short drive away from Salve Floresta. The lake has a great importance to the community of Ribeirao da Anta, a village of locals that have been living in this part of the Mata Atlantica Reserve for generations. The lake was considered a great wealth to the land, and was the main reason for first inhabitants of the village to decide to settle in the area. In 1974 a dam was constructed, bringing the waters even closer to the village dwelling, a gift for the people of the community who rely on the water. 

With this, the community had the opportunity to catch fish, swim, and canoe across the lake, providing a better means of transport for locals in need of medical care. The increased mobility because of the lake also allowed for products from the village to be transported more effectively to other parts of the community. The residents of Ribeirão da Anta have a deep respect for the waters of their community, and make a great effort to preserve it. 

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  • Atividade Caiaque

Kayaking Options

For an easy-going afternoon activity, we provide kayaks for guests and children who are interested in paddling around the lake that centers our property, fit for beginners you’ll be able to glide along the shoreline, take a closer look at our exotic plant species or drift peacefully along the water taking in the songs of the birds in the warm afternoon sun. 

For an additional cost, we offer our guests seeking a more adrenaline filled experience, a unique tour that will take you along “Represa Alecrim” that cuts through our Rainforest, accompanied by a local guide. As you explore the scenery found along the lakeside, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the indigionous plant, bird and animal species of our region whilst ending up at a beautiful waterfall. The whole trip will take around 3-4 hours, with the cost providing entrance into the National Park, a kayak and lifevest and an experienced nature guide. Our kayaking tour is bound to create memories that will last a lifetime with an incredible look into our pristine wilderness, wildlife and history.

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