By regional integration and cooperation we mean activities to overcome the economic and social structural chalenges of the Tapirai region.

Dr. Antonio Carlos Soares Pinto
4 min read

All international tourists are an important asset to the regional integration: they can experience the Rainforest ecosystem up close and at the same time they show to the local population that one can make a living other than by destroying their own environment. The satisfaction of the guests and the strengthening of the regional economy should go hand in hand with the protection of nature and the improvement of the quality of life of the local people. The goal is a lasting relationship between a small village in Brazil and a successful project to protect the Rainforest. Media coverage also contributes to this.

This is how we have engaged all our employees from the region. Purchases are made locally, in the surrounding area. The cooperation with schools takes place continuously and intensively. Approximately 300 schoolchildren a year from regional schools have participated in our environmental education program so far.

We have also organized organic farming courses for small farmers from the region which should motivate local people to improve their nutrition, increase the production and sales of products as well as to intensify the engagement between the project, the public sector and the private sector.