Say “I do” in a Tropical Paradise, bringing family and friends together for an intimate Wedding Ceremony that you will truly never forget.

by Laurin Soares & Micayla Dennis
6 min read

A unique wedding venue!

Imagine exchanging your vows standing beneath rows of towering tropical palm trees, luscious green flora surrounding you as the whistles and chirps of our exotic birds bless your new union. A unique wedding venue awaits you in the depths of the Mata Atlantica Rainforest, here at Salve Floresta.

From cosy wooden cabins surrounding a picturesque lake, to an on site Restaurant where our kitchen staff would be happy to provide you and your guests with organic dishes, prepared with locally-sourced produce. We are well equipped with everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

  • Buffet de Casamento
  • Casamento na Eco Lodge Salve Floresta
  • Casamento na Eco Lodge Salve Floresta
  • Casamento na Eco Lodge Salve Floresta

Event Spaces

We have a pristine Outdoor area, where the wedding celebration can begin. Our rustic terrace or modern pool space, surrounded by nature, could be the perfect place for a welcoming glass of Champagne, followed by your Ceremony at our Palm Cathedral. Our abundant nature in the surroundings offers plenty of picturesque backdrops, where your Wedding photographer could capture the true essence of your special day. 

Celebrate the joy of the occasion after the ceremony at the Pool-side with snacks, cake and a fixed Bar for the convenience of your guests. At nightfall, some music and desserts under the stars, at our sheltered open-air space, could be an ideal end to the perfect day!


Enjoy a buffet style dinner at our on-site Restaurant and Terrace, with space to seat up to 38 guests. Our cuisine consists of authentic Brazillian dishes, with a focus on sourcing our ingredients locally! We are well equipped to provide many different desserts and would be able to provide a Wedding Cake if desired.

Accommodation & Amenities

In total, our event space can host 59 people. Our rustic Bungalows can accommodate 39 guests, and our cosy double rooms in the Big House can lodge an extra 20. We have a billiards table, and for the adventurous, kayaks for the lake and plenty of hiking trails (for the days following your celebration). We also provide on-site parking for you and your guests. 

Stray from the norm and immerse yourself in nature for the experience of a lifetime. At our secluded Nature Retreat you’ll find the perfect space to come together with loved ones to enjoy moments of pure love and happiness on your Wedding day, creating memories that will last a lifetime.