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Study Tour

The mentality of the people, the diversity of cultures, the diversified landscapes and vibrant cities fascinate: The traveler begins to understand, why it is called:
Deus é brasileiro-God is Brazilian.

Holiday dreams are as varied as the people, who have them. Yet there is something, they all have in common: The desire, to leave the constraints of everyday life behind and just only do , what you want. The prerequisite is a travel program, that is oriented to your expectations and flexible. One that does not bind you, but allows as many of your needs. That helps you as much with organisation , as you like, and as much freedom , as you need.

We offer trips with different themes to it. We offer 1995 in cooperation with the Gustav Heinemann educational institution since 1995 2 two trips a year . One trip of 16 days with a possible extension and another trip of 21 days. The first journey on the Rainforest Academy, Iguazu Waterfall, Rio de Janeiro. The second journey through the rainforest Academy, Manaus, Belem, Ouro Preto, Salvador und Rio de Janeiro. Also Fernao de Noronha must not be forgotten.

We also offer trips for journalists, under political, environmental and social aspects , -. Or travel for architects, landscape architects or simply interested in focusing on building by Oscar Niemeyer (Brasilia!) and the gardens of Roberto Burle Marx. The trips are organized by exciting, and at a very reasonable price, we book hotels directly in Brazil and transfer. Our many years of experience with customers for over 20 years traveling with us are the best proof of the correctness of our work.

But even if you want to learn to dance to brazilian music, or want to learn something about the different religions or simply an unforgettable vacation with nature, riding, diving, we would also organize carefully for you .

All group tours are accompanied personally by Dr. A. Carlos Soares Pinto . The booking and further information are available HERE

In cooperation with the Gustav Heinemann educational institution