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Biological Agriculture


The eternal dream: A course for learning organic farming: Since 4 Years trying Salve Floresta the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture to apply for financial support. Finally, in March 2010 it was ready and we have 28 Farmers can convince from the region, to attend the course. Salve Floresta has agreed, a piece of land, to provide a meeting room and catering available. SENAR ( Government services for rural education) in return has a teacher, Materials, Together, Biofertilizer and a greenhouse finanziert.Der course was in 8 Months and each month were divided 4 Scheduled days. The mornings were meant for the theory and the afternoons for practice. The participants only had to bring your own garden tools and were picked up by our van on those days, because they live very far between.

The plot was stoned, weeded and soil analyzes were carried out. The main attention was paid to the composting, is the cornerstone of a successful organic gardening. Very well the construction of the greenhouse for seeds and young plants was. While the men took care of the building, prepared the women for the beds in front.

The completion of the course met with visiting a German tour group in Salve Floresta together and celebrated accordingly.
Each participant received a certificate of Salve Floresta, a small gift and a photo documentation of the course as a reminder and thank you.


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