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Travel for Architects

Travel for Architects and Landscapers in February 2013 to Brazil with the theme:


Art and Nature in the footsteps of the landscape designer and artist Roberto Burle Marx and the architect Oscar Niemeyer


This trip was organized in collaboration with the DGGL (German Society for garden design and landscaping) organized.
From all over Germany found itself in a clear group 20 Landscape designers together, the first station of the Rainforest Academy “save forest” in the Atlantic Rainforest “Color Atlantica” besuchten.Auf their migrations the garden designers were fascinated by primary forest and the tropical plants and wildlife. From swimming in waterfalls and the good food in the house in the jungle. As a contrast, they found a few days later in the futuristic Brazilian capital Brasilia. The Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa in the former red sand landscape set and designed city with its highly curved forms and the parabolic curved roofs were inspected. The group was even able to visit the National Congress and Parliament and was officially welcomed by both Houses. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the outer and inner gardens designed by Burle Marx inspired the group as well, such as visiting the houses quarters for the officers with flats, Kindergarten, Cultural, Library, Gardens, etc..


Rio de Janeiro was the next stop. Sugarloaf, Hunchback, Botanical Garden, Museum Niemeyer, Copacabana, Ipanema (Beach design Burle Marx) were visited, the last built and planted tropical gardens of Burle Marx (combines all the tropical plants worldwide) and the studio house. There was a meeting of the German group with a Brazilian design team for the Olympic Park 2016. The conclusion of the trip was the visit and then a tour of the gigantic natural spectacle of the Iguaçu Waterfalls `.


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